Air Freight

Air Freight

We Are a Time Sensitive Transportation Company

At Transworld Xpress Inc., we understand the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That means sometimes you have to take to the skies.

As a road feeder service to the airline industry, Transworld Xpress Inc. has grown on the principals of delivering time sensitive transportation with first class service for both air and ground cargo.

Canada's Largest Air Cargo Carrier

Our time sensitive road feeder service to the air cargo industry has seen Transworld Xpress Inc. grow to become Canada's largest full-service air cargo carrier.

Our ability to consistently provide efficient time sensitive transportation to the world's leading air freight carriers and shippers is made possible by our large fleet of asset-based and owner operator equipment, and the dedicated air cargo professionals who keeps them running on time.

To request more information on Transworld Xpress Inc. Air Freight Services, please call 778-927-7190.

Transworld Xpress Inc. is USA and Canada Bonded Transportation Company.