Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlled

Maintaining a constant temperature during delivery is not just crucial for perishable foodstuffs. At Transworld Xpress Inc., we've experience in keeping both FTL and LTL deliveries in prime condition, from electronics to pharmaceuticals, adhesives to apples. And, of course, goods deliveries to the US or Canada may need protection from extremes of heat and cold within one long-haul trip.

Trust your goods to our temperature reefer fleet

Key to our success is our fleet of state of the art temperature control reefer units. Temperature-sensitive deliveries are kept at optimum levels in Thermo-King Smart reefers with auto temperature monitoring. Data is also relayed to our drivers, who constantly monitor the load temperature from the cab. Our drivers have extensive experience in over the road deliveries in all sorts of weather extremes, and are all fully trained in the loading, monitoring, maintaining and safe delivery of temperature controlled goods.

Winter temperature sensitive delivery service

For winter temperature controlled deliveries, our trucks and trailers are heated to maintain a suitable ambient temperature, preventing temperature shock to sensitive goods such as electronics, solvents, paints, beverages, and medical supplies.

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